LED Highbay Light - HB004 series

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SINLOON® LED 工礦燈 HB004 Series
LED Highbay Light Power: 50W/100W/140W/240W
Date Specification :  LED High bay Light - HB004 Series
dvantages: 按圖放大
♦Original package PHILIPS chips and Mean well driver;
♦Tempered glass lens, can bear 400°;
♦Integrated driver, good heat dissipation and be replaced easily;
♦Standard by IP65;
♦Long life span > 50,000 hours;
♦No bad glare and strobes colic, no flicker; No UV or IR radiation
♦Professional technology support, can offer Dialup solution, IES; Safety Assurance: CE, RoHS
♦5 Years warranty.
Their low profile light weight design and versatile mounting options market ideal for
many applications such as warehouse, garage, aisle, cold storage, bridge, tunnel and
general area lighting.
Model No. AC Power Flux Color temperature Factor CRI Weighr
Voltage (lm) CCT (pf) (%) Package
HB004-50W 90-305V 50W 5000 2700K-6500K >90 80 2.8ks/1pc
HB004-100W 90-305V 100W 10000 2700K-6500K >90 80 2.8ks/1pc
HB004-140W 90-305V 140W 14000 2700K-6500K >90 80 3.9Kg/1pc
HB004-240W 90-305V 240W 24000 2700K-6500K >90 80 3.9Kg/1pc
ptional beam angle reflector:
工礦燈 燈罩
Lampshade (Cover)
A30 A60 A90 A120
30˚ 60˚ 90˚ 120˚
Ø190mm Ø380mm Ø450mm Ø500mm
H:140mm H:145mm H:130mm H:125mm
A: Reflector
Lampshade (Cover)
B45-1 B45-2 B45-3 B120
45˚ 45˚ 45˚ 120˚
Ø410mm Ø470mm Ø480mm Ø490mm
H:265mm H:270mm H:295mm H:95mm
B: Frosted
imension: Weight: 3.85Kg
Package: 1pc/cts

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